Resonantium Ltd is pleased to announce the release of The C++ Bsc Analyzer - A Code Visualisation and Static Analysis Tool which can help you understand how your system fits together.



The C++ Bsc Analyzer provides several views such as Call Graphs, Dependency Graphs and Class Hierarchies – which may be used to gain an accurate understanding of your system’s architecture. Accompanying these views – are aggregated and rudimentary usage metrics which provides one with a measured perspective on the distribution of behaviour, which is crucial to navigating the essential complexities of your system.

The following screenshots illustrate some of the features readily availalbe within the application.

Call Graph


 Dependency Graph


Class Hierarchy


 Code Navigation




How it works

The C++ Bsc Analyzer uses the information contained in a Microsoft® Source Browser Database (.bsc) file. This file may be produced via the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE or by using the BSCMAKE.EXE command line utility application.